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Credentials: Ben Marguglio – President;  BW (Ben) Marguglio, LLC

Management and technical consultant with sixty-two years of experience in high technology enterprises, formerly as a corporate executive – including executive level director and division director positions with experience as a management team leader for multi-million dollar design and construction projects and a management team member for a multi-billion dollar design and construction project.

Pre-eminent expert on human performance, human factors and human error prevention / reduction.  Originator of the new and unique “Human Error Causal Factors” taxonomy, and presenter of the acclaimed “Human Performance / Human Factors / Human Error” Seminar.

Expert on risk identification, risk assessment and risk control (risk management).

Expert on incident / failure investigation, root cause analysis and corrective action.

Expert on management systems – including systems for project management; design engineering; procurement; fabrication, assembly, construction and installation; maintenance; and operations – with safety, quality and environmental protection considerations.

Fellow of ASQ since 1973 and ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Quality Auditor, and Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence.

Author of approximately 200 technical and management papers and presentations and three books:
• Quality Management Systems in the Nuclear Industry; American Society for Testing & Materials; 680 pages; 1977;
• Environmental Management Systems; Marcel Dekker, Inc; 208 pages; 1991;
• Human Error Prevention; Bookinars, Inc.; 416 pages; 2009.

Ben Marguglio has received awards for his highly-acclaimed work in human error prevention / reduction and for his contributions to the body of knowledge for quality professionals.

Human Error Prevention Hardcover Book by Ben Marguglio

This Bookinar™ presents the Human Error Prevention Seminar in a print book. PowerPoint slides are shown on the upper part of the pages; bulleted notes, as would be orally presented in the live seminars, are shown on the lower part of the pages. The Human Error Prevention Bookinar presents thirty-two seminar hours from the thought leader universally acclaimed by hundreds of clients, and includes unique principles, practices, models, and templates. Information is comprehensive and can be directly implemented. The principles and practices of human error prevention are universally applicable regardless of the type of industrial, commercial, or governmental enterprise, and regardless of the type of function performed within the enterprise. The application of the information in this Bookinar will significantly contribute to improved productivity, safety, and quality. Many of the principles and practices covered have been implemented at all nuclear-powered electricity generating plants in the United States.

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