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By BW (Ben) Marguglio

We license "human error prevention", including "root cause analysis" training material.

The licensee receives a CD with a PowerPoint file consisting of approximately 350 slides, with exercises and about a dozen case studies - all together about 40 hours of material for live training sessions.  The licensee can adjust the material to suit.  The licensee can re-organize the material into smaller packages for shorter training sessions.  Some of the material applies to all employees at all levels in the enterprise, some is best suited for senior executives, some is best suited for and middle managers, some is best suited for first-line supervisors, technicians, crafts persons and others in the field / on the line / on the factory floor, and some is best suited for investigation and root cause analysts. 

For almost every slide, and for every exercise and case study, there are extensive and comprehensive bulleted notes.  The complete answers to the exercise and case study assignments are provided. 

The licensee's trainer would have to learn the bulleted notes for the slides, exercises and case studies.  Thereafter, in live, in-house training sessions, the trainer could use the slides, exercises and cases studies and make the oral presentation without the need to read the bulleted notes.  With the info in the licensed training material, the trainer can become a subject matter expert.

For additional licensing information, please click here to contact us

You get Marguglio’s “Human Error Prevention” and “Root Cause Analysis” Seminar PowerPoint slides and bulleted, detailed notes – from the thought leader who has been acclaimed by hundreds of satisfied clients.

You get even more information than is presented in the live seminars.

You get specific and unique principles, practices, models, and templates.

 get comprehensive and comprehensible information.

You get 
“take-aways” that can be directly implemented.

get it all at a fraction of the cost of attending the live seminars.

            As well as anyone, or better, Marguglio can teach you how to prevent error.

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